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Ground Coffee

Brand: Illy Model: ILLY-0813
Medium roast (red line): smooth taste, balanced aromas of caramel, chocolate and floral notes.The illy blend with a grind grade suitable for use in all espresso machines as well as for all brewing methods. In each pot the coffee is pressurized to maintain its freshness and illy aromas. Choose it if ..
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Brand: Illy Model: ILLY-0810
Ground espreso coffee brewed under pressure so that all its organoleptic characteristics remain unaltered.Decaffeinated (green indicator): with the same characteristics as medium roast and with a caffeine content of less than 0,05%.The illy decaf blend is ground for excellent brewing with all espres..
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Brand: Dimello Model: DIM-025
Caffeine removal in the green coffee we choose is done exclusively with water, 100% without chemical solvents. Enjoy the balanced taste and smooth aroma of Dimello Decaf with less than 0.2% caffeine.For the preparation of Dimello, excellent varieties of coffee are sought in zones of countries such a..
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Brand: Dimello Model: DIM-027
Fine Arabica and Robusta varieties from Central and South America and India. Balanced flavour, tight body and intense aftertaste.For the preparation of Dimello, excellent coffee varieties are sought in countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, where coffee plantation..
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Brand: Dimello Model: DIM-034
For Ricco coffee, Dimello has harmoniously combined the most aromatic Arabica coffees from Central and South America and the most refined Robusta coffees from India. A delicate taste, with a nutty flavour and hints of chocolate.Origin: Central, South America and IndiaCharacteristics: Rich flavour &a..
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