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Brand: Chocolanelle Model: ΡΟΦ-00016
Dense bodyIntense chocolate tasteContains no added sugars such as sugar, glucose, dextrose, dextrose, fructose,Recommended for a more balanced diet..
Ex Tax:7.42€
Brand: Chocolanelle Model: ΡΟΦ-0056
Cocoa content : 33%Dense consistencyIntense taste and aftertasteRich in cocoa butterProduct of Greek production..
Ex Tax:8.70€
Brand: Chocolanelle Model: ΡΟΦ-04
Cocoa content : 35%Dense consistencyCreamy textureRich in cocoa butterProduct of Greek production..
Ex Tax:8.80€
Brand: Chocolanelle Model: ΡΟΦ-00139
The most delicious combination for dark chocolate is ultimately... the simplest. Dipped hazelnuts in delicious chocolate create a balanced result loved by even the most demanding. In addition to being a favorite nut, hazelnuts are a source of energy, vitamins and valuable nutrients...
Ex Tax:6.15€
Brand: Chocolanelle Model: ΡΟΦ-00159
Chocolate powder, by Chocolanelle. Scientific research has proven that it helps fight stress and also boosts memory, which is why psychologists recommend it to students when they are in exam period. Packaging of 500gr...
Ex Tax:6.33€
Brand: Chocolanelle Model: ΡΟΦ-00122
It contains real dried strawberry, which enhances the taste of the fruit in the chocolate...
Ex Tax:6.15€
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